Regarding this homepage

This homepage was created to fulfill my need to play. This explains the lack of content. I am mainly testing the possibilities of Google Go for web development. Over the time, it grew to contain some personal information as well.

Development tools


    Emacs is my editor of choice.

  • Google Go

    I use go to render the static pages as well as create CGI scripts. This choice is somewhat controversial as go was designed for system level programming and not for CGI scripts. I needed a program to learn the language a little, though. The advantage of using Go in comparison to, e.g., Perl is of course that the scripts are tremendously fast. The main disadvantage is the lack of libraries. This will vanish over time, I guess.

  • Markdown (discount)

    The content of all the pages is written in Markdown (a language similar to the one used to edit Wikipedia articles). As a markdown-to-html converter I use discount. It is written in C instead of the usual scripting languages (i.e., perl or ruby) and it shows performance-wise.

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